Welcome to Sheila’s Country Bakery

Why Buy Your Baked Goods From Our Country Bakery? Our country bakery is one of the oldest in this area. We take pride in baking only the best breads, cakes, pies and doughnuts. All our products are hand-made, following traditional recipes and using only high quality ingredients.

Whatever your baking needs, we have you covered. We work 24/7 to supply our clients freshly baked goods for their shops or for their meals. We can bake the cake of your dreams. If you need a special cake for a special occasions, be it an anniversary, a wedding celebration or any other type of event, we can provide you exactly what you want. Our cakes are creative, stunningly beautiful, but also delicious. We can cater to all preferences and requirements. If you like chocolate, we can bake the best chocolate cakes ever. If you want sugar icing, we can create sugar sculptures impersonating action movie heroes, cartoon characters or magnificent landscapes from all around the world.

Our breads are nothing short of amazing. Simple and tasty, they use the best flour and the finest yeast. We can cater to all needs. We can provide you simple, white bread, with crispy crust, or fancy seeds mixes and whole wheat specialties. Whatever your favorite bread, you can be sure you’re going to find it here, all year round.

Our country bakery employs workers who are keen on preserving the ancient trade of baking. They are eager to offer the clients the highest quality baked goods that would remind them of their childhood. This is the same type of bread your grandmother used to bake in her oven. Our state of the art ovens and kitchen equipment allow us to obtain the perfect bakery goods each and every time. All details of the production process are carefully monitored and controlled, so you can be sure you’re going to enjoy the same quality in each of our products. Our industrial bakery equipment is made in the USA by Bakery Technology Enterprises, LLC. Check out the video below to know more.



We use traditional recipes, yet our baking methods are as modern as can be. Our state of the art technology enable us bake the best cakes and breads you can find in this area. Besides, we are ready to serve you early in the morning, so that you can enjoy your coffee and your croissant seven days a week, all year round. We wake up before everybody else, in order to have our first batch of baked goods ready to welcome you every morning. With us, you are never going to miss your morning doughnut or cake slice, no matter what. Our success is based on our ardent desire to make our clients happy. This is why we have loyal clients who buy their bread and their other baked goods from us since more than ten years ago. We’ve seen their children grow up to become adults. Their children, at their turn, have become our faithful clients. This speaks volumes about our values and about our mission. We are happy to serve you the best way we can, so please contact us today to see what we can do for you.